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pastel painted sweets

This is a cute little article I stumbled across on 

I do not know why I was looking at Spark Notes because I never procrastinate and always read every single page of required class readings??  ;)  

Anyways... enjoy. and be prepared to have in instant candy craving and desire to bolt to the grocery and scarf down the treats in the Easter candy aisles. 

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Easter Candy Is Better Than Halloween Candy

We’re sick of fighting about this. Some people believe that Halloween candy is superior to Easter candy in taste, theme, and variety. Those people are wrong. Why? We’re so glad you asked.
1. Easter candy is bigger. If you go trick-or-treating, the best you can hope for is a fun-sized candy bar. Sure, there might be a wealthy house in your neighborhood that hands out full-sized candy bars, but those houses are owned by cult members (probably). Easter candy, particularly chocolate rabbits, is so large that it’s impossible to eat in a single sitting. Yeah, yeah, yeah, you’ll get more Halloween candy than you will Easter candy, so in the end it evens out. But it’s still more fun to bite into something larger than your forearm than it is to nibble on something smaller than your capitate bone.

2. Easter candy is more sinister. Halloween was once about goblins and ghouls. Now it’s about sexy nurses and awful Saw movies. And the candy is hardly spooky. Fun-sized candy bars? It can’t be scary with the word “fun” in the title. Candy corn? Who could possibly be afraid of corn besides our dog, who is afraid of everything? Gum? No one fears gum except the orthodontist. Now let’s look at the Easter candy: Rabbits! Have you watched a rabbit? They just sit there, staring at you, judging you, looking for a sign of weakness, and then they shall strike! This makes Easter candy more interesting, and explains why we always eat the eyes out of the chocolate rabbit first.
3. Easter candy is more colorful. The colors of Halloween? Orange and black. Yawn. The colors of Easter? Billions and billions of pastels that will warm the heart of even the most miserable person.

4. Easter candy is available now.
If you want Easter candy, go to any store, or look for some hidden in your neighbor’s yard. If you want Halloween candy, you need to wait, like, thirty months.
5. Marshmallow Peeps. No explanation necessary.
   {my sister got me Peep Candy Chapstick for my bday- yum!}
6. Easter candy comes in a basket. After Halloween, what do you do with your bag? If you used a pillowcase, you can put it back on your bed. If you used one of those dumb plastic pumpkins, you can throw it out or put it back in your closet. And those are your only options. Now, what can you do with a basket? Better question: What CAN’T you do with a basket? You can use it to tote your shampoo to the bathroom, burn the wicker for warmth, make it into the base of a tiny hot air balloon for your stuffed animals and sleepy, palm-sized pets...the possibilities are endless.

7. Cadbury Creme Eggs. Do you know what the fake yolk inside these candy eggs is made of? Heaven. (And high-fructose corn syrup.)
8. You don’t need to dress up. If you want Halloween candy, you need to spend a small fortune on a costume, and then spend hours and hours getting ready. On Easter, you can just roll out of bed, go to church if you’re a church person, and then dig into your sugary stash. There are no masks, wigs, or itchy beards. There are no disguises, or altered realities. You can be yourself, and isn’t that the message we should be sending to children?
9. Um. We can’t think of something to say for nine, but we really want to even this list out to ten items. So, #9: Easter candy is really neat!

10. Easter candy is delivered by a mythical beast that represents fertility.
Halloween candy is handed out by Mr. and Mrs. Copenhagen next door. They are hardly mythical.
Do you prefer Easter candy or Halloween candy?
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