Wednesday, March 3, 2010

we all scream for ice cream

Thanks to gift cards, extreme Macy's sales, coupons and major anticipation for warmer weather 
this sleek and compact beauty ended up on our kitchen counter this weekend.
We bought it Saturday night and picked up the ingredients on the way home from Macy's.
To our dismay, the bowl/container thingy has to be completely frozen before making
the first thing of ice cream... so we had to wait until Sunday afternoon :(
To be honest, several times throughout Patrick's sermon my mind drifted 
to homemade ice cream... what mix in I should try... gelato, yogurt, vanilla, mint?
I felt kinda bad until he told me he had been dreaming about it all day as well!
Luckily, this little machine whips up 2 quarts of ice cream in as little as 20 minutes
so it did not take long for the cream, sugar and vanilla to thicken and 
have our kitchen full of that Graeter's refreshing and icy scent.
On Sunday, I made vanilla ice cream with chocolate chip cookie chunks as the mix-in.
Tonight I made Vanilla Yogurt Ice Cream with strawberries... 
They both were tasty and so easy to make... the yogurt one is a little healthier :)
while waiting for it to thicken, I chopped up some strawberries as the mix-in:
so easy and delicious!

Vali got a little taste on her nose and loved it:

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  1. Savannah! I have been reading your blog and enjoying it so much. (I told Patrick about that at the ordination) Anyway, you may want to check out the Zoku Popsicle maker at Williams Sonoma. Kelly is a major ice cream/anything cold person (except hates BEING cold) and I got this for her birthday. Instant popsicles. Too much fun! Again, love the blog!