Monday, April 5, 2010

hello, my name is Savannah

I figured we needed a little introduction.  Sorry it has been FOREVER.  Every day has been packed full of busy adventures that I have wanted to share, but honestly I just couldn't find the words or the time.  And any extra bit of time was spent in the sun trying to erase this paleness from my skin, but my pasty color will prove I had little extra time.  Don't feel bad about my busyness because lately we have had a lot to celebrate.  At the top of our list of celebrations: Our Risen Savior and the new life He freely gives to all believers!  This should be celebrated everyday, but we offered special thanksgiving and remembrance on Easter weekend.  The weekend before Patrick and I celebrated our marriage.  No anniversary or specific landmark, just a celebration of our marriage in general.   We went on our Marriage Retreat! (remember {here}) to Chicago to learn how to love extravagantly and sacrificially.  I could tell you word for word what the speakers shared at the conference, some I had even heard before, but there is something special about getting away for yourself and studying God's magnificent design for marriage.  Just like the previous ones, this last celebration is something I remember daily and will always give praise to the Lord.  Patrick has been in remission one year!  ONE YEAR!!!  At times, I feel like the chemo and doctor's appointments just happened yesterday.  Other times, it seems like a journey, a distant memory, we went through so long ago.  I am amazed by how God has worked through Patrick and I feel so blessed to look back at our first year of marriage and see where we have come.  You can read a little more about our journey {here}  I promise I will return soon with pictures and stories, but until then I have to do a little Crisis Counseling homework :)

Oh, I almost forgot, someone asked what we are studying at Cincinnati Christian University.  I am working on a Bachelor's Degree in Biblical Studies with a minor in Psychology.  My sweet cancer-free hubby is working on a Biblical studies degree with an emphasis in Preaching.  Lord willing (as my Nana would say) we will graduate in December 2010!!!  Patrick wants to preach the Word.  I want to be a listening ear to someone who needs counsel, have children entertain me and share Christ's love with them, work at Anthropology, be a mother, encourage the broken and the hurting, offer support and love to cancer patients and their families, work at a coffee shop, decorate a coffee shop or school classrooms, and so many other random things that would take all day to list.  Now can anyone help me find a job that fits that perfectly? :)  

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