Wednesday, April 21, 2010

squeaky clean

I have found this new love for cleaning.
Usually organizing and folding laundry brought enough satisfaction
that the actual cleaning was more of a hassle, 
but lately I have been cleaning everyday!!  
The following products might have something to do with it.
These are my favorites for keeping everything clean:

with a wonderful eucalyptus scent and crazy strong cleaning ability
this natural mild abrasive cleaner works wonders!!!
and this natural fiber sponge below can rest right on top of the bottle!
I hate sponges because they get nasty and gross, but this one
is reusable... just put it in the dishwasher:

this is a great shower cleaner... just spray the shower down before you leave in the morning
no need to rinse it off or scrub the tile
This is used often in our house and we don't even have kids!!
Fabulous for your purse, car, office... okay, everywhere!
If you don't have a magic eraser please run out an get one or two or three.
You'll be amazed- it's truly magical.

Okay, now it's your turn!
What are your favorite cleaning supplies? 

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