Sunday, June 27, 2010

2 year anniversary

 I married this handsome man two years ago.
My love for him as my best friend has only deepened since our wedding day.

My respect for him as a man of God has grown even stronger in the past 730 days.

We celebrated our anniversary last night.
He gave me two instructions: be ready at 5:20 and wear one of my vintage dresses.

At 5:30, Frank Sinatra with a bow tie lifted me into the Red Jeep and placed a card in my hand.
(Yes, some may notice I was ten minutes late, but Patrick knows me so well that he always adds a little "cushion" time when informing me of our departure.  I also know him so well that I know he is adding this extra time in just for me, so I spend that time putting on red lipstick and jewelry, while he sings his favorite Brad Paisley's song "Waitin' on a Woman".
 We pulled up to a little diner off Madison Rd. and I spotted this vintage beauty in the background...
The rest of the evening was spent on the Cincinnati Dinner Train!
The passenger cars were from the 1940's and took us back in time.  The dress I happened to pick for our date is actually from the 1940's, so I fit right in.  (well- I fit in with the train and Patrick... as usual, we were overdressed compared to the rest of the passengers, but we didn't care!)
We enjoyed the scenery, picked out cute houses, looked for little critters (outside the train), and tasted some delicious desserts...  We also loved meeting Robert and Roberta who sat across from us.  They had tons of grandchildren and great-grandchildren and run a day care for over 30 kids!  Simply amazing.  And the best part, they give all the glory to God and recognize Him for all their many blessings.  So glad to meet such an inspiring and encouraging couple!

 Thank you Patrick for a wonderful anniversary celebration.  I look forward to another year with you, full of laughter and memories. 

(first two photos by Tyler Pelan: Lighting His World Photography)

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  1. Happy 2 year anniversary!!!!! Cannot believe it has been that long :) I am here to say almost 12 years later, it truly does get better and better :):)
    Much love