Thursday, June 10, 2010

Carry-on Necessities

1: I must bring at least one pashmina scarf/shawl/blanket on the airplane.  
Wad it into a ball for a pillow, wrap it over your legs as a blanket, or tie around your neck while walking through the airport.
My favorite place to buy these is actually in the airport.  It's that store where everything is $10.  Wonderful! and plenty of colors to choose from! 
2: a great magazine.  
Before I got married, every time I traveled I had a tradition of picking out one or two wedding magazines for the flight.  This seriously started when I was a child and I always looked forward to dreaming on the airplane.  When Patrick and I left for our honeymoon, it was so strange for me not to have to buy a wedding magazine.  So I've moved onto decorating.  Real Simple will be my pick this trip :)

3: Baby wipes
I always feel so gross stepping off an airplane.  This is the perfect way to clean your hands and face on an airplane.  Or wipe off that running mascara after snoozing through the flight.  I bought tons of these for my trip because it is supposed to be 100 Degrees! and I don't like sweat :)
4: Gum, Orbit Gum
A must-have for traveling.  Fresh breath on the plane and helps to keep your ears from popping.
 5: a journal
I love journaling and doodling on an airplane.  I guess it is because I can't get up and move that it makes me actually journal.  I plan on reading through the gospels noting certain places that we will be visiting while in Israel. I should have started reading about these places a while ago, but the long plane ride will be perfect and when I land, these places will be fresh on my mind.
 6: C.O. Bigelow tinted lip gloss
Definitely my fave.  Makes you look awake and alive by adding color to your lips... and freshens your breath with tingly mint flavor.

Do you have any other Packing Tips before I zip up my suitcase and carry-on bag??


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  1. Savannah - so fun seeing you guys last weekend!!!! Isn't the Prices house adorable??
    OK, one more tip for packing - since we are in the same mindset preparing for CHina. Might want to add a jar of peanut butter....seriously never know what the food may be and if you'll be up for eating. etc. Just a thought - we packed one for our last trip thinking we'd never open it and we ate it all :)
    have a GREAT trip!!! I know you will. What a huge blessing that you get to go!!! So happy for you.
    Much love