Monday, July 12, 2010

Bedouin Camps

From Masada, we drove to the Bedouin Camps and hopped right onto some camels... smelly, dusty and noisy camels, but then again what other kind is there...
 This yellow one was my favorite:
The best part was watching people as the camel promptly halted and awkwardly knelt down:
 okay... it was just fun watching my parents :)
Patrick had the incredible opportunity to preach at the Bedouin Camp.  Under a large tent full of wooden tables and beautifully woven mats and over top the noise of massive fans and dimly lit colored bulbs, Patrick spoke to all 3 buses about the obedience of King David from 1 Samuel 22:1-5.  He encouraged us to obey God, even when that leads us beyond our comfort zone.  I tried to videotape his message, but the fans were a little too loud :)  
There was beauty all around the camp... I wish I could have brought one of the glass lights home, spent an hour hearing life stories from this hard-working old man, learned how to weave colors together to create such cute mats and how to cook such delicious food in the middle of the desert...
 The Bedouins are inhabitants of the desert and their main livelihood is the raising of livestock, specifically camels and goats.  They are constantly wandering in search of grazing land and water.  They are known for their hospitality and warmth... "He who shares my bread and salt is not my enemy"- Bedouin proverb.  Our server and my dad played a little trick on us by saying we were eating camel... "fresh camel" but whatever it was, the meal was tasty.

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