Monday, July 5, 2010

Souvenir Treats

We had to pick up these stuffed animals for the furs our last day in Israel!  Vali got a little lamb.  We thought the "noise maker" was broken until after 3 days of playing with it, we heard a muffled "bbbaaaaaaa" from across the room and Vali running in the opposite direction, scared from the noise.  Sadly, the lamb didn't last more than a week.
 We gave Reagan a little camel that said "I love you".  Luckily that one died quickly too because we couldn't take one more "I love you" from that noisy camel.  
 A little tip for pet owners: don't waste your money on $5 or even $10 toys at PetSmart.  A simple 25 cent yard sale bin full of old toys and a washing machine (if necessary) will make them just as happy.

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