Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Turner Team Adventures Part 2

Before the kids packed for Louisville, I asked if they could bring their favorite outfit, so we could get some pictures.  The girls and I were going to sew some things and they wanted to wear whatever they made.  But Remy went straight to his room and picked out his suit.  Lets just say he was super excited about it :)  While the girls sewed throughout the morning, he tried on different accessories for his suit.  Absolutely adorable.  

We did face masks, made homemade vanilla ice cream, splashed around at the pool, and Sadie even gave the girls makeovers...
Then it was Pizza Time! 
This is a perfect thing to do for family night or when you are babysitting.
Pick up some Pizza Crust packets (the one where you just add water) and prepare all the dough.  Then separate the dough into a round ball for each kid.  I put each ball of dough in a round cake pan, so all the ingredients stayed inside and went straight into the oven.  
Line up all the toppings, cheese, and Ragu pizza sauce and let each kid build their own pizza.
Remy sure liked the pepperoni :)

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