Thursday, August 12, 2010

dorm life

My sister packs up this Sunday to leave for COLLEGE.  She is going to Lipscomb University in Nashville.  We went shopping at Ikea last weekend to get some last minute dorm necessities and after looking at all of the cute decorations, bedding, and dorm organization tools, I started to miss my dorm room.  just a little.  The picture above is from my first day at college.  My sweet roommate, Ami, moved in a week later.  She was such a blessing to me my first year of college- we even got to plan our weddings together since we got engaged the same week!!  In addition to many things... I really miss the PINK in my dorm room.  Patrick, I'm sorry, but I have kept all my pink decor and I'm saving it for a guest room or a sewing room one day :)
I plan to share some pictures from Sadie's dorm room after she moves in next week!

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