Thursday, August 19, 2010

Shopping on the Streets

I loved these sweet little canaries outside of a beautiful jewelry shop in Jerusalem.
I also loved this pool at our hotel, too bad they were cleaning it the whole time we were there!
Outside of our beautiful hotel, we met a friendly street vendor with some great prices on jewelry, purses and pretty much anything he could stuff into his little car.  The picture below shows our first purchases, but as my sister Sadie continued to spread the word, people from the hotel spilled out into the street and started buying more and more.  The guy, Rami, fell in love with Sadie, even offered my mom 100 camels for her :) and said he would give her free purses, scarves, and jewelry if she brought people outside to shop.  Well Sadie talked and more people showed up...

Just as the sidewalk party started to grow, my dad announced the start of our final group meeting inside the hotel.  Obviously, we couldn't miss the meeting, but there was still lots of shopping to do, so Sadie promised her new friend that we would all be back.  After a great meeting and beautiful time of sharing and testimony...
 ... Sadie rounded everyone up and we all headed back outside where a few more of Rami's family members had brought more inventory...

Needless to say, Sadie was the best bargain shopper of the trip
and the talk of the Israeli street vendors.

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  1. Oh my goodness...that sounds so much like a story of my family. I'm still giggling. It's been a pleasure watching this journey, thank you for sharing with us!