Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Color Personality?

Real Simple Quiz:
What’s Your Color Personality?
Take a peek in your closet or a stroll through your home, and you might see an abundance of one color. Red? Blue? Color experts say that there is a natural reason for this: People’s personalities and color choices go hand in hand (so gregarious types will be drawn to one hue, more contemplative sorts to another). Take a fun new quiz to see what the pros say about your temperament based on your color picks, then more on color: in your home decor, in your wardrobe, in your garden.
Leave a comment with your Color Personality and let us know if it's accurate...
Can anyone guess what mine was?

1 comment

  1. I took the quiz, and you'll never guess what I was...the fire personality! ha ha. I was going to choose red before I took the quiz, so I guess it's pretty accurate! I'm guessing you're the earth one??