Monday, October 25, 2010


I have no idea how to make a bed or accessorize with pillows. 
After years of making my bed under my mother's watchful eye, I spent my first two years of marriage leaving the bed unmade or with all the pillows thrown on top- yes, so rebellious- but now that we have a little less floor space to leave the pillows next to the bed and easy access to both sides of the bed (see old bedroom {here}) I have no excuse not to make the bed at least several times a week

Here is where I need your help!  I know there are many talented bed makers and decorators out there who can offer me some fabulous advice! 
Do you have any special tips on arrangement of pillows, comforters, etc?
Leave some comments below or link to your own blog, so we can all learn more!
Or if you have been inspired by pictures or someone's blog, link below in your comment too!
Unless you all can help me, I think I might just leave my bed like this:

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  1. Savannah, I just got on your blog and read this post and was laughing. Not at you, just at the fact that your mom made you make your bed and it reminded me of me! But I am ANAL about making the bed, so this last 2 weeks I challenged myself to NOT make the bed. That is ok to leave it unmade... that I will make it through the day. HAHA But about making it with pillows. I love simple pillows that don't look to fussy or fixed. Google Domino bedrooms. I loved Domino magazine (RIP) and they have great ideas. Also Lonny online has cute ideas to. I love the bedspread!
    * this is from Meagan Claypool :) I can't submit my comment from my blog page?! I am frustrated!