Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Fill it up

The vase, in the picture above, needed a filler for the arrangement to rest in.  My mom recommended coffee beans.  Not only does it complete the look, but it smells wonderful!!  We picked up a cheap Kroger brand French Vanilla Coffee and filled the vase:
 (other filler ideas for fall: split peas, candy corn, pumpkin seeds, colored corn, really anything!!)
Doesn't it look so much better! 
Use the leftover coffee beans to add the delicious scent around the house:
*pour in a glass container and place a votive candle inside
*keep a bowl full of coffee hidden by the front door
*hide the empty bag in a drawer or closet
*you can also place the empty bag in the car under the seat :) yum
Pick any flavored coffee that you like- caramel, pumpkin spice...

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