Tuesday, December 14, 2010

wish list

Last year, my sister and mom headed to the Edinburgh Outlets (in between Indy and Louisville) for the after Christmas sales and the deals were INSANE! They were calling me all day about the deals and asking what I wanted.  Unfortunately I hadn't saved any money, but I had gotten a JCrew coat for Christmas, ended up returning it and they picked me up 2 JCrew coats that were way cuter and both of them were still cheaper than my original one! (that is when text pictures are really helpful!) 
So this year, Sadie and I asked my mom if we could just get money for Christmas to spend at the outlets during all the sales!  We are planning ahead so we will have money to spend when we get to all the sales.  And so my mom doesn't have to do as much shopping before Christmas, but we can spend a full day just us girls shopping with her! 

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  1. Sounds like a fun day with your mom! How great that you all enjoy each other so much. Makes me look forward to the days when my girls are grown up we can shop for fun.