Thursday, January 20, 2011

easy to sew dog beds

Depending on the size of dog bed you want, cut out two pieces of the same size fabric.
For the first dog bed, I used  two 1/2 yard pieces of fabric: one side was a cream quilted thick cotton fabric and the other a patterned indoor/outdoor fabric.  I wanted something that was durable and easy to clean off.  When I finished the first, I realized I could have made it a little bigger, so the next one I made was a full yard of fabric and perfect size.  Okay, it's huge, but they aren't little dogs :)

Place the two right sides together and pin the sides:  
Sew around all the sides, leaving about a 6 inch opening at one end.  Flip right side out and fill with stuffing.  Once the bed is as full as you would like it, hand stitch the open edge... and you're done!
I think they like them :)

{here} is another version if you already have a pillow and just want to sew a cover...


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  2. Great post! That is such a great idea. I never thought to make my own dog beds. I go through so many because my dog loves to chew them up.
    Cute dogs!

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