Saturday, January 15, 2011

Patrick's Ordination

While we were in Louisville after Christmas, Patrick had his Ordination Service at Southeast.  Patrick asked some of his dear friends and mentors to offer a charge as he was ordained into ministry.  The Fireside room was full of friends and family who have impacted both of our lives and influenced Patrick's decision to commit to full time ministry.  Godly men, one by one, shared their heart for the Gospel and encouraged Patrick in this calling to preach.  As they spoke of ministry struggles and attacks Satan will throw at us, I could not have been more thankful for the faithful men speaking, who will continue to provide godly counsel and support, and the prayerful hearts filling the rows behind me.  What a memorable way to begin a life of preaching the Word! 

(event planning tip: If you have to set up early in the day, but the food is not ready... Stick post-it notes in place of each food platter or cake stand, so you can visualize the decorations, remember what food to bring, make sure there is a spot for everything.)
(another event planning tip: when preparing an event out of the state... stop by my mom's house and take everything you can find)  :)
 (thanks Kathleen for some of these pictures)

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