Monday, February 14, 2011


Patrick surprised me for Valentine's Day and took me to the most amazing restaurant!
Dragonfly- in the uptown dallas hotel ZaZa.  There are so many classy restaurants throughout Dallas and  Fort Worth, but this is, so far, our Favorite!

"Known for its innovative cuisine, Dragonfly at Hotel ZaZa Dallas is an unforgettable fine dining experience.  A feast for the senses, this award-winning, restaurant personifies Dallas' culinary excellence."

Now we are saving up our pennies because the hotel was gorgeous!
Thank you Patrick for an incredible Valentine date!!

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  1. Hi Savannah - I just found your blog - someone was telling me how cute it was. Anyway, as I was looking through it I ran into the picture and comments on Hotel Zaza in Dallas. Well...I stayed at the one in Houston and loved loved loved it! I was on a business trip and this is the hotel we ended up booking not knowing the treat we were in for. Food was incredible and rooms were gorgeous. I want to go back. maybe someday. - Sheila