Sunday, April 3, 2011

another furry neighbor intrudes

So I guess the friendly neighbor from our apartment {here in this post} forgot to warn his friends in the next town of the new residents.
Reagan was outside playing in the yard while Patrick and I watched the ACMs.  He kept high pitch barking at something along the back fence and would-not-stop!!!  We could not get him back inside so Patrick went out there to get him.  Reagan proudly lifted his head from the ground and presented his dad with a precious gift- a dead possum.  
CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?!  Why do possums always find us?!  The last post about the possum on our front porch {here} was just after we moved into our Texas apartment.
Ya know what is so crazy?  Once we put Reagan inside, Patrick prepared to dispose of the possum.  I thought it was kinda strange that the possum was dead because there was no blood and don't they play dead for their predators?  Right as I said that, Patrick looked closer and the thing was still breathing!!!  Can you imagine if Patrick had tried to move it and it had come back to life- ha!!  So we left it in the yard and watched from the window.  After a minute or so, he started to move his head.  The possum stood up, looked straight in the window at the dogs and strutted away unharmed!  Reagan was so proud all night and I have to say, I'm thankful he didn't actually hurt the possum, but just carefully picked it up to show Patrick.  Gotta love critters in the yard :)

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  1. That is hilarious Savannah! Goldens are the BEST!