Sunday, April 17, 2011

a garden bed

I purchased 4 pieces of cheap wood from Home Depot (two 3' boards and two 5' boards)
and then found this easy and clean wood stain- apply with a towel and let dry for a few minutes.
Next, Patrick screwed together the 4 boards while I prepared the garden bed:
 After all the weeds were pulled and the frame was ready...
 we filled the frame with half humus manure and half garden soil and then added placed 4 12" stakes into the ground at each corner of the bed and nailed those to the frame to hold it steady.
 I positioned my growing plants where I wanted them, bought a few more peppers and strawberries :) and then planted everything into the soil:
 Orange, red and yellow bell peppers:
 My favorite is the rosemary:
Reagan loves laying by on the growing sunflowers in the back of the yard and
Vali just chews on bricks all day...
My garden is continuing to grow!  This was an inexpensive way to plant a garden bed and learn the whole gardening process.  I have never done this before and I didn't want to spend tons of money, kill all the plants, and wish I would have made a smaller garden... Can't wait to walk out my back door and pick some vegetables and herbs :)

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