Saturday, April 2, 2011

special visitors

I'm alive and happily settled into a new home, job that I love and internet connection :) finally!!!
Hope to have lots of posts coming soon... But I'll have to back up a little (before the move) since it's been forever!

We had a wonderful weekend with Patrick's parents.  I had to work a little while they were here, so Patrick entertained them by going around town, shopping, and looking at vintage cars.  We had lots of laughs, tons of cheering for the CARDS and sweet memories over the weekend... wish it could have been longer!  Here are some pictures from the weekend.  Most were taken at the Stockyards- and I'm so sad we didn't get a group picture.  Thank you for coming to visit!  We always love having you :)
(awesome train at the Gaylord Texan while we watched the Cards play!)
It was so neat that Patrick's parents were in town on a week he preached at Compass.  I am truly loving this sermon series leading up to Easter "One Day" walking us through the last 24 hours up to the Resurrection!  You can watch the series as we go {here} (Patrick's sermon was The Supper)

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