Thursday, June 23, 2011

how the furs shared the news

Patrick and I tried our best to keep our little secret until I was at least 10 weeks because we were meeting the entire Garcia Fam in Florida for vacation.  What a perfect opportunity to share with all of them, face to face!  My parents already knew, but I had to tell Sadie and Sam :)  I mailed a package of goodies to my mom who hid them until the night we told the Garcias on vacation.  Sam opened a package labeled "a costume for Uncle Sam" complete with an American Flag hat and tacky red, white and blue sunglasses.  Sadie's gift included an adorable onesie that said "Auntie and Ice Cream, my favorite combo" and a frame that read: Aunt Sadie!  After all of the Garcias arrived in Florida, we couldn't wait any longer to share the news... so the second night after dinner, we passed around the following pictures to all the kids saying the furs had a message for them:

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