Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Our first date was at Starbucks.
With almost every date following, coffee was somehow involved.  Late nights at Heine Brothers on Bardstown Road, a surprise cup of Java coffee waiting in my locker in high school, afternoon study breaks and sermon writing on the Starbucks patio in Mariemont.
It began full of milk, froth, extra whipped cream and caramel.  Slowly, we moved to cappuccinos and lattes with a few packets of sugar.  And now a mug full of black french pressed coffee on a Saturday morning is more our style.
Yesterday, Patrick and I spent the afternoon in Sundance Square sipping on an Iced Caramel Macchiato (a dessert treat compared to our morning choice but a necessity in this weather!)- what a sweet time together.  Miles from Mariemont and Bardstown Road, we share our goals for the next year, 5 years.  We encourage, dream, and laugh.         While our preference for coffee shifted throughout our relationship from flavored milk with coffee to a rich, dark roast, may we always encourage, dream and laugh together...  over a cup of coffee.

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