Monday, August 29, 2011

the animal print shop

Have you seen The Animal Print Shop by Sharon Montrose?!?!
Beautiful and simple photography with the cutest animals = dream nursery art!
Her limited edition prints are pretty pricey, but the 8x10 size isn't too bad... now if I could just decide on which animals I want!  The baby Zebu, Lamb and White Tiger are my favorites, but I also love the sheep profile, fox, and bear.  I'll have to decide eventually or else I'll be spending my money to fill the walls with beautiful photography and not furniture in the nursery.  Head over to the website and let me know which ones are your favorites? {here}
and {here} is a link to her blog

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  1. I love the Zebu, Lamb and Piglet. Actually I want them all but those three faces are adorable!