Monday, September 19, 2011

Grapefest 2011 & 26 weeks

We met some friends over in Grapevine for Grapefest this past weekend!  The streets were packed with people, booths, and fried foods- small version of the state fair.  And of course we found our way to the petting zoo...
This silly calf wouldn't look at me for a picture, but here is another Scottish Highland Calf I found on google:

Is that not the CUTEST fluffy calf you have EVER seen!?!
It was hilarious to watch all the animals run around together while toddlers chased after them inside the petting zoo.
 My favorites were the two baby goats cuddled up with the HUGE rabbit:

In other news....
We had a doctor visit today and got to see our little boy!  He is healthy and weighs 1 lb 15 oz- right on schedule for 26 weeks and 3 days.  It is always so amazing to hear his heartbeat and see so many details, from the four chambers of his heart to his tiny feet!  I am starting to feel those tiny feet a LOT more.  For awhile he had been laying across by belly and moving tons, so I could feel arms on one side of my belly and legs kicking on the other, but in the past couple days he moved around into breech position and my bladder is feeling a little bit more of the little boy haha!
I am growing too :) and loving it!  I'm sure that will change as my belly continues to grow and my feet begin to swell, but until then I am loving every second of being pregnant. My sewing machine has come out from hiding and I have opened up my {Simple Sewing for Baby} book again.  The patterns are pretty easy and they leave room for your own creativity or style. We have a pretty busy week planned before driving to Louisville for much needed time with family and friends :)  I haven't been home since Christmas!  So hope to have some more posts soon.  Have a great week!

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