Thursday, September 1, 2011

Nursery Chair Revamp

I found this chair down the street waiting for trash pick up.  It had a twin, but the other one was pretty wobbly, so I picked this one up and put it in the back of my car for a little makeover:
After removing 4 screws from the seat base and cleaning that nasty chair cushion, I simply used leftover fabric from the nursery glider cushions (coming soon!) and staple-gunned the fabric tightly around the base.
After several coats of White Semi-gloss spray paint over the sturdy body of the chair, I screwed the new seat cushion back to the chair and had a Brand New Chair for FREE!!!
 (See those yellow walls :)  Patrick is currently painting over them!!  I'm so ready to have another room that isn't covered floor to ceiling in yellow.  The Nursery paint is called Light Raffia- a light cream/tan.  Boring? Maybe, but hopefully will create a calm, clean feel for our little boy's nursery.)
--after looking at these pictures, I think the back of the chair could use another coat... almost done!--


  1. great job on the chair makeover:)

  2. That looks great Sav! I'm looking forward to doing some redoing myself :) love and miss you dearly