Wednesday, September 14, 2011

nursery progress and big thanks to my mom!

 Before my mom arrived, Patrick painted the walls, I made cushions, pillows and curtains, and got a few things set up in the nursery... but there was still lots to be done :)
 My mom was such a big help!  Having an extra set of decorating eyes and a shopping buddy was perfect!
 Me on the phone AGAIN with Target... first they sent the wrong hardware set for the crib :( then we bought a lamp and none of the holes lined up correctly.  Of course it was the last lamp that the surrounding 10 Target stores had!  Still on the hunt for a floor lamp, a few pieces of artwork and a little dresser that will work as a changing table, but other than that the nursery is really coming together!

 Thank you so much mom for coming to visit and for working so hard while you were here :) I had such a special time with you.  I'm making you relax on your next trip to TX and maybe you'll be rocking a baby in that nursery with me!


  1. Ryman's nursery is quite handsome...and I love grandma on her tip toes:)

  2. Savannah, I love the name Ryman! Is it a family name? So excited for you and Patrick!