Monday, October 10, 2011

Baby Shower Blessings

While we were in Louisville, we had two baby showers!!  It was such a blessing to see dear friends and family and everyone was so sweet to shower John Ryman with their love.  I hardly took any pictures while in Louisville and at our first shower in town, but thankfully a friend took my camera for this one and she captured some of the beautiful details of this Sunday Shower...

Thank you to the talented hostess and dear friend Tammy Holbrook and my amazing Aunt Jill who traveled in from Chicago for hosting a beautiful shower!  It was covered in prayer, special little details and thoughtful gifts from friends.  (Don't you think Tammy should start a business!!  Her decor was incredible!)
 The Grandma and Aunt even got special gifts :)
 and I have no idea what was so funny about this book?

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  1. sweet sweet shower! isn't it such a blessing to have the support from so many family & friends? how do people make it without that?