Tuesday, November 22, 2011

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas & Baby time!!

Our friend Brad came to visit for the weekend and my mom surprised me and came in town too!  She said she had to see me one more time while I was still pregnant :)  We had a great time with both of them- the guys built fires and cut down trees... the girls shopped and decorated!  So thankful they could come in town.  The only pictures I took were at Joe T. Garcias...
Then, this past weekend, Patrick's parents came in town to visit!  It was such a treat getting to see them since we won't be in town for Thanksgiving or Christmas.  We had an incredible opportunity to hear President George Bush speak about his presidency and his support for the sanctity of life at the Real Choices Pregnancy Banquet.  It was such a special evening with a great interview by Drew Sherman!! 

After everyone flew back home :( We decided it was time to decorate for Christmas!!  I know it is still a little early, but we wanted to have it all ready for John Ryman.  I had a great check-up on Friday- Less than 5 weeks until the estimated due date!  He is growing and looking right on schedule.  Thanks for the advice about the hospital bag- I made my list and have a stack in my closet I can throw in a bag at any minute.  Thankfully, I am still feeling great!  I'm just having to sit up a little straighter and stretch out as he grows and his movements are becoming a little more forceful under my ribs :)  I love feeling him move and kick - even throw a few direct punches at Patrick's hand! 
 A little overwhelming... SO much stuff.
 I'll post some Christmas decorations soon, but until then look at these cute cuddling furs enjoying the fire and cozy decor:

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