Tuesday, November 29, 2011

My favorite Pregnancy Items

Shark Steam mop & Shark Pet Perfect Handheld Vacuum:  It is getting more and more difficult to get down on the floor and clean!  Instead of dragging out the heavy vacuum for a few crumbs or getting on my knees to scrub paw prints off our light tile floors, I can simply grab one of these two items!  I'm sure they will also come in handy when our little boy is crawling or feeding himself ;)

Tons of pillows: I never purchased a body pillow, wedge, or those crazy large pregnancy pillows- I don't think it would fit on our queen bed!  But I have slept just fine by adding in a couple extra pillows as I've grown. 
The Belly Band: This little accessory has made it possible for me to wear my regular pants throughout my pregnancy (I wear them completely unbuttoned and put the belly band over the zipper/button- great but not as comfortable as true maternity pants) and some shorter tops without showing my growing belly!
Maternity jeans: I had heard from everyone that I needed to invest in at least one pair of maternity jeans, but I kept putting it off.  I had several sizes of jeans that I could stretch to fit me at different stages of my pregnancy or unbutton and use the belly band, but they were never very comfortable.  Finally I caved in a week or so ago and bought a pair from Target.  Why did I wait so long!?!  They are amazing!  So much more comfortable without have a zipper or button sticking into your belly or having to hold on to your pants every time you move!  Wish I would have purchased a pair of good jeans by the second trimester... (Liz Lange Target Flare Jeans- dark wash)
Detergent for sensitive skin and any other lotion/product that was fragrance free:  For some reason my skin became really sensitive early on in my pregnancy.  I would feel itchy all day long and at night I would drive myself crazy thinking spiders were crawling on me! haha   After trying different things, I decided to wash all my clothes and sheets in a dye/fragrance free detergent and see if that helped.  The itching stopped and I felt so much better! 

Patrick: my supportive and encouraging husband.  He has been so loving and prayerful throughout this whole pregnancy, even when I'm sure he thought I was out of my mind :)  From putting together a crib, painting the nursery, listening to my ramblings about everything baby, breastfeeding, cravings, and much more... Patrick has been an encourager and I'm sure that will not change as we reach delivery time and parenting.  This pregnancy would not have been nearly as enjoyable and fun without him laughing and preparing for it all with me!  I can't wait for the day he gets to hold his son in his arms instead of just feel him kick through my belly!

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