Saturday, December 24, 2011

due date (come and gone)

Well... the due date has come & gone and still no sign of John Ryman :)  I am feeling great- other than added pressure and weight growing by the day!  Hope this boy isn't too big!!

My family was able to drive down yesterday and they will be waiting with us until he is born!
 What a special treat to have them here over Christmas and even get to attend Christmas Eve Eve service tonight at Compass with my entire family.

So John Ryman you can come anytime now :)  The family is here and ready, we've attended Christmas service and all your gifts are under the tree!  Until then, I will be taking advantage of my last moments of pregnancy:
Any guesses on when he will arrive?  Will my next post be of a precious baby boy or of my family opening presents Christmas morning?


  1. Savannah - we remember those last days WAITING for Nate to arrive (granted, it was a phone call for us, but it was A LOT of anticipation). We are so excited for you, Nothing like a precious baby boy....nothing :)
    You look FABULOUS. You are glowing and beautiful and I can just know you'll make the most precious lil momma. Very very excited for you this Christmas!!! (and many to come!!)
    Much love

  2. I am so happy that your family was able to be there with you and Patrick. And Baby John will come when he is good and ready.

  3. What a happy time for all of you! So good to see!