Sunday, January 8, 2012

2 weeks Iphone pics

It has been two weeks since we brought our little reindeer home... TWO weeks!   We have already had a lot of adventures and fun these first two weeks :)  Here are some phone snapshots:
The furballs have adjusted well to the newest furball... actually they don't really notice him at all.
(Yes, we have taken down all of our Christmas decorations except for the tree- I just love having those cozy lights on every evening!)
 John Ryman had his first visit to Starbucks!
We had some extra special time with Nana B.
Lots of quality cuddle time & John Ryman's first Jack Bauer experience!  He loves sleeping through 24.
 First time to church last Saturday- He slept through the whole service :)
First photo shoot!  Can't wait to see the wonderful pictures from {Elisa}.
 We cheered on the CARDS several times- most games not ending too well :(
John Ryman's first movie- We Bought a Zoo!
Fun times with Mimi and Pop & Uncle Daniel-  John Ryman's first time to the Stockyards in Ft. Worth.

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  1. Your little boy is soo stinking cute! And yes, I feel your pain on the Cards :)