Tuesday, January 31, 2012

2011 in review

We enjoyed the beautiful Texas weather & special days at Grapevine Lake.

There was a crazy snow and ice storm... we received our diplomas in the mail... and I started my job as a nanny for a precious 6 week old :)

We had a special vacation with the Davidsons!  We bought our first home and moved in on my 22nd birthday and Patrick's parents came to visit. (...and we got pregnant!)

I started a garden... Reagan caught a possum... We found out we were pregnant the day before my parents came in town (weekend before Easter)

We had some fun dates... a trip to Destin with Patrick's family where we shared the big news!

Sadie came to visit for a week and my dad stopped in towards the end of her trip...
and Patrick and I celebrated 3 years of marriage!

Our friends came to visit... fun times at the Stockyards... 
a little belly growing... and special Starbucks dates

Nursery decorating began...  best friends came to visit... and some fun at a Rangers game

We had our first baby shower at church...  a cute little boy shows us his profile... 
and my mom came to visit Louisville & had some more showers :)

more baby planning... and a Babymoon trip

a special Thanksgiving and a Rodeo... a fun time when Brad came to visit
and my mom came one last time before John Ryman's birth :)

John Ryman kept growing... we waited for Christmas and the due date...
My family arrived just in time... and John Ryman arrived and came home by Christmas...
What a WONDERFUL year!

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