Tuesday, January 24, 2012

top 5

{aden + anais} swaddle blankets- so many uses for these large, soft and breathable wraps
John Ryman loves this {Fisher Price Rock 'n Play Sleeper} perfect daytime nap spot that can easily move around the house & great for alert time after eating because the seat is at an angle.
This adorable {Sleep Sheep} is great for a little background noise while he is trying to fall asleep & it has a timer shut off.
I'm pretty sure this {SwaddleMe Fleece Wrap} is to thank for any sleep we have had :)  I only use it at night and he sleeps a lot longer when swaddled up in this cozy wrap.  
And for those times when John Ryman is fussy and not hungry, this {WubbaNub Monkey Pacifier} is his favorite!  It is adorable- especially when he falls asleep holding onto the monkey's legs.  I need to buy another one (maybe the puppy or giraffe?)

Now, of course, there are tons of other items that have been extremely helpful over the past month (miss medela, starbucks... alan jackson hymns- john ryman's fav) these are just the key ones that this foggy-brained momma can remember at the moment :)


  1. Savannah - we couldn't live without 4 of these (We didn't have the rock and play - we didn't know about it, but Kari had it and loved it. I have claimed it for our next baby!)
    Samuel loved his swaddle and his sleep sheep those first couple of months! And he still uses his wubbanubs. :) He has the frog, the lamb, and the duck.
    Sounds like you all are doing well! John Ryman is an absolute doll!

  2. Thanks Julie! It's amazing what little items make a big difference during this newborn stage :) We are doing great- loving every moment! Hope you all are doing well! Samuel is so precious! I love seeing him and his cute personality in your facebook pictures