Monday, March 5, 2012

Aunt Reba from NY to TX

 John Ryman got to meet his Aunt Reba a couple weeks ago!  We had a wonderful time with her over the weekend.  I'm mad I didn't take many pictures (and not one on my camera of JR and Reba) but I did snap a few at the Stockyards... yes, of course, we went again :)

 There were tons of newborn farm animals around... Here are 3 hour old Triplets:
 We loved having Rebecca in town- just hated it was so short!  Maybe next time we can visit her in New York :)

WARNING: We've been having lots of fun around here and traveling a bit.  JR went on his first trip to Louisville last week!  Be prepared for TONS of photos over the next few posts-...  I think he spent the entire trip smiling and posing :)

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