Thursday, April 19, 2012

3 months!

Wow!  One month I may actually get the post on time :)
John Ryman, you turned 3 months on March 24th which was the day of your dedication at church.  You were very quiet during the service, saving your tears for later at dinner  just looking around at everyone during the dedication.
You watched a lot of basketball and cheered for the Cards!  We will have to teach you to say "Go Cards!" before next year.
The weather started to get warmer and you helped mommy with a little gardening.
 You get so excited playing in your Rock n Play.  You used to fall asleep or stare at the striped shower curtain every morning while mommy showered, but now you sit and play.  Sometimes you let out a squeal or even flip the pages of your crinkly peekaboo book from your Aunt Cara.
 You are growing so much (I know I say that every month)... your cloth diapers finally aren't as monstrous on you and your tummy time is becoming more fun, not just an exercise:
Your biggest accomplishment happened the day before you turned 3 months.  After your morning feeding, I placed you in your crib for a little tummy time while I cleaned up your room.  I glanced over and you quickly flipped from your belly to back!  I thought for sure I was seeing things, so I flipped you back over and you did it again... 4 more times!  Of course, you didn't want to show your daddy for a couple days, but he finally saw you flip and believed me :)  Every time you landed on your back, you would give a shocked/scared look for a few seconds and then flash a huge grin of pride.  You're officialy on the move...Happy 3 months John Ryman!

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  1. i LOVE that you use cloth diapers! We are DEFINITELY going to do that when the times comes for us to have a little baby sharpe! you will have to share your tips and tricks!