Tuesday, April 24, 2012

4 months!

4 months already!?!  This month has been packed full of family time and park dates!  You are so happy when we are outside- as long as we keep you in the shade :)  We know you can roll from your belly to back, even though you haven't done it for 2 weeks, and you are starting to reach towards your toys on your side more and more.  When you are laying on your back and get really excited you fling your legs around and rock back and forth.  You are blowing bubbles and drooling like crazy nowadays... constantly chewing on something.  If its not your hands, then you are reaching for the closest toy, pillow, or shoulder.  You especially liked your new Easter tie:
Your sleep schedule is getting better at night.  Since a few weeks old, you were sleeping two 5 hour segments at night with a feeding in between.  You always did great going back to sleep and the more you grew, the shorter the middle feeding was (from 1 hour wake to sleep- then 45 to 30 minutes and a quick diaper change) but I couldn't get you to stretch longer than about 6 hours at a time.  Your daytime schedule was eating every 3 hours, playtime and then a nap, but now you are down to two long naps during the day (1 1/2- 2 hours each) and you have slept up to ten hours a night!  Some nights you wake up around 3am, but I just give you your paci and you fall back to sleep within a minute.  No matter when you wake up, you always have the sweetest smiles and coos!
You have been so giggly and vocal lately!  You say all kinds of vowel noises, "woooooow" and "gaaagaaa", occasionally letting out a loud yell followed by a laugh- it seems like you are sometimes surprised by how loud your voice can be when talking :)  You are definitely ALL boy because what gets you giggling the most?!  Toots and burp sounds... Oh my- I'm sure this is just the beginning.  Never thought I would be telling your daddy to keep making those noises, just to hear your sweet laugh!  While I love all your new noises, I think my favorite thing you do may be when you get really excited- you give a silent toothless grin with eyes all bright then tilt your head to the side bashfully:
You looked like a little man in your Easter photo shoot and even more so on Easter in your new tie, khaki shorts and big shoes.  Can't wait to see you in your new swimming trunks from the Easter bunny!
This past month we have spent countless days at the park as a family and meeting up with friends.  You spent afternoons on a blanket in the shade, asleep in the stroller and even playing in the bathtub during a tornado warning!  You celebrated your first Easter (your 2nd time in the nursery & your first time to make it through the whole service!) and we look forward to many more as you learn of Jesus' Resurrection.  You are becoming more interested in your books- reaching towards the pages and staring at the art.  You went to the doctor for the first time- other than a checkup- because you had some symptoms of an ear infection, but thankfully he said you looked great just starting to get some teeth!  You have started watching your brother and sister- Vali even gets a pat on the head occasionally.  We look forward to another month of more drooling, new noises and lots of springtime adventures. 
You get your next round of shots and 4 month check-up on Friday- can't wait to see how big you have grown!

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