Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Baby Steps to Organizing

Babies bring a lot more than love and joy to a home... and if I'm not careful our little home can be quickly overwhelmed with toys, clothes, play mats & books.  There were some areas I tried to prepare before John Ryman was born, but there were other areas that I had to reorganize once he came home and we realized certain clutter-prone areas.

The nursery was the main area that needed to be organized.  While decorating and buying items, I made sure there were good pieces for storage and hiding spots throughout the room.  The boxes below were one of the best purchases I made! (from IKEA)  They hold pjs, pants, and onesies that don't need to be hung up in the closet.
JR received tons of precious books from friends and I needed a spot to put all of them!  These IKEA spice racks were perfect for some of his books.   The other books (more toddler level) are in a garage rubbermaid.
The basket (pictured above) and the ottoman (below) are also great storage spots.  The nursery is so small that I knew every piece of furniture needed to be functional.  This TJMaxx ottoman is small enough for the room, but also hides lots of blankets inside.  I have several of the baskets throughout the nursery- one of my favorite flea market finds!- for stuffed animals, laundry, etc.  They add great texture to the room and can easily be transferred to a big boy room filled with trucks, cars & legos :)

The living room was also a spot that I knew could easily become cluttered.  Despite trying to limit baby playmats & activity gyms, little accessories can make the room appear messy, so before JR was born I cleared out one drawer in our side table and a basket in another table.  In the early days, I filled them with diapers, gowns, etc.... now there are more toys and books.  As he grows, so will his toys and I have a feeling more drawers will be emptied :) I'm not a stickler about organization and JR has plenty of toys to play with, but it is nice to have designated areas to place everything at night or before guests come over.  

Do you have any organization tips for your home?  or for your baby?


  1. How pretty and organized! Really feels like home! Funny thing is we also used the IKEA spice racks for our daughters nursery!

  2. Thanks! I just looked at your daughter's nursery and it is beautiful! Love the overall feel of the room & your changing table set up :) Aren't those spice racks just perfect for little books?! gotta love Ikea!