Thursday, May 31, 2012

the heat has arrived

The temperatures are already rising here in Dallas.  With every winter item neatly packed away and my summer items being picked over, I'm starting to remember just how wildly hot last summer was and that my wardrobe needs a little altering to fit the extended summer of Texas.  Is it bad that I'll probably be choosing cool & fashionable outfits over breastfeeding this summer and that Miss Medela will be working overtime?  Not only are most summer tops difficult to maneuver around, but whew... nursing covers don't work to well over 90 degrees!


I still need to visit the new Dallas {H&M}- my sister bought JR the cutest baby t-shirt & hat from the Cincinnati location.  Here are a couple things I hope to find there:

 {gap} also comes in "hot coral" :)

{target} I've been very pleased with tarjay's summer collections 
and their little girls clothing is adorable!!  Wish they would fit me!

oh and these on those days when my pedicure is fading :) {fortyfiveten}
Okay, now here is the big question!  Where can I find a good bathing suit?!  I think it's time I upgraded my high school suits (yikes!) and I'm willing to invest a little more than usual for a mom-appropriate, but still stylish and colorful swimsuit.  Any recommendations or websites? 2-piece is preferable because of my long torso.  I have a feeling we will be at the pool a lot this summer and our beach vacations will be here soon!  Leave some comments below.

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