Sunday, May 13, 2012

My First Mother's Day

Last year I was pregnant on Mother's Day, but we were still waiting to tell people.  Patrick was out of town and I liked having my special Mother's Day dreaming of the next year when our little baby would be with us... and what a special day it has been this year!  John Ryman woke up super early this morning and usually I would be a little frustrated, but surprisingly I have come to miss those sweet middle of the night feedings.   I think he just wanted to wish me Happy Mother's Day early :) so I rocked him a little longer and thanked God for the precious blessing of being his mommy.   Then I thanked God again because he went back to sleep until 10:30 ;) 
Patrick preached this morning and we had a beautiful afternoon eating Babe's Chicken (at my request!) and Blue Bell, nap on the couch, short sunset walk and they even let me do a photo shoot to play around with my Mother's Day gift- a Nikon D90!!!  I love my new camera (My old camera -a D3000- was great, but the lens options are better with the D90 and there is a great video option) and I'm trying to get used to the feel of it all.  Most of these were shot at 1/320 F5 ISO 200- then Photoshop with Pioneer Woman "Seventies" and "Sharpen This" Action both at 50% Opacity.
Here are some of the shots I took today:

 I love this face he makes when he is talking:

 oh and these furballs wished me a happy mother's day too :)

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