Tuesday, June 19, 2012

5 months! (late again)

John Ryman just turned 5 months!  In the past month, we have made more trips to the park.  He is starting to really look around on walks and watch the ducks and people walking by.
 He grew his first mustache and went to his first fiesta on Cinco de Mayo!
 His toes seem to be pretty tasty.  John Ryman is getting more flexible and can actually reach his toes to his mouth- kinda gross and cute at the same time!
 His facial expressions continue to develop... he knows when he does something funny or makes us laugh because he starts to laugh back!
 He is really enjoying his cereal and will probably be starting food really soon. This boy sure loves to eat!
 This puppy is JR's new friend.  We usually keep him in the crib, so when he is falling asleep he wraps his arms around the puppy.  So precious!
 John Ryman took another trip to Louisville and was there when he turned 5 months!  He went to his first baseball game to watch his Uncle Sam.  He had lots of girls passing him around and is already such a flirt ;)
 He continues to love being outdoors, especially playing outside at Mimi & Pops house.
 John Ryman also went strawberry picking for the first time.  He wanted to eat them so bad!  Next time, he will be running down these rows covered in juicy strawberries.
John Ryman- Every day you are growing and learning so much.  Your little legs won't stop jumping and your smile and squeals light up a room.  When you see your bottle you squeal and reach out towards it.  You love talking when you wake up in the morning and then you get an even bigger burst of energy right before you fall asleep.  Usually you take two good naps, but sometimes you need a little cat nap in the car or in the evening to make it to your bedtime.  Your giggling is getting louder and so cute!  You enjoy rolling all around and are starting to get pretty good at it... except sometimes you get stuck in the corner of your crib :)  We love you and your joyful personality- Happy 5 months!

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