Friday, August 24, 2012

8 months!

 (wild hair in the morning!)

Happy 8 Months John Ryman- (aka: JR- Baby Boy- Bubba- Bubba Watson- Buddy- Pal)
The beginning of this month was a blur.  Honestly, the two weeks after vacation & your 7 month bday was crazy.  Poor thing, you got sick when we got back home and woke up EVERY few hours in the night in need of a diaper change, feeding or fever.  Even after a doctor visit and medication, it still took you awhile to feel better and then, after that, to get back on your schedule.  I was begging for sleep over those two weeks- it was far worse than any newborn sleep deprivation.  I'm not sure if it was because I was getting used to sleeping throughout the night or what, but wow!   On top of that I had a sinus infection.  My first time getting sick since I got pregnant with you- which I'm very thankful I was so healthy over the past year and a half!  Your daddy was a huge help and thankfully you were a pretty happy boy throughout the day which made it a tiny bit easier.  I'm happy you are feeling better & sleeping from about 8:30pm-8am each night!
(after a WAY too tasty meal at Babe's- You LOVED the biscuits & even had a little mashed potatoes!)

You repeat certain noises over and over: Mama, meme, baba, and baby are the most common ones.  I'm not sure you are connecting objects with what you say just yet, but maybe "mama" will be your first real word :)  Your favorite thing to do is "roar" or blow raspberries.  You think it is the funniest thing- especially while sitting in a shopping cart!

The biggest change physically this month has been your ability to pull up on things and walk around!  You went from slowly pulling up on ledges and low furniture to standing up on walls and even wobbly objects.  Once standing, you walk around holding onto something even sometimes with one hand or reaching from one chair to another.  We had to lower your crib to the lowest setting because you love to stand on the side and jump over and over!  When you wake up from your nap we usually find you looking over the side or jumping with excitement.  You sure have some strong legs! 

You are a very fast crawler.  You have learned to stop crawling and sit up if I say your name, but you haven't learned to crawl back if I say "come here".  You definitely know what the meaning of "no touch" and you even recognize the items you aren't supposed to touch.  Usually you get really quiet and look me in the eyes before slowly reaching towards the curtains or flowers on the fireplace.  :)
We are really working on consistency with discipline and teaching you first time obedience now, so that when you really start walking and talking, we won't have to retrain any bad habits.  It's amazing how smart you are and how much you understand already.  When you do something right and we say "yay" or "good job", you sit up so proud and clap!  I just started reading Babywise II last night, so I'm sure there will be some great advice on what to work on in the upcoming months.

You still have just your two front teeth (can see a little in the picture above), but recently you have been chewing on your thumb and pressing your fingers on your back gums.  I'm sure there are more teeth coming :)  You love to bite into strawberries and bananas.  Finger foods, like puffs, are your favorite and you do a great job using your fingers to put food in your mouth.  Approximate Feeding Schedule is: Breakfast- Oatmeal & fruit, Lunch- Fruit & Veg, Dinner: Veg & Rice.  Sometimes we add more rice or a little turkey/chicken.  If we are out to dinner, you enjoy having little tastes off our plate.  Your favorites are Chickfila mandarin oranges and any Avocado or beans from a Mexican Restaurant.  We picked up some peaches at the farmer's market and sure loved them!  I'm hoping you will continue to eat well and try new things :)  You are breastfeeding about half the time and taking a bottle the other half.  I've been so thankful that you do well with the bottle and formula- never seeming to notice when we switch them up.  Not sure when breastfeeding will end, just glad I have made it this far!

Your Aunts, Chelsea & Lindsey, were in town last week and you loved entertaining them!  We shopped a lot (you sure enjoy smiling at everyone in the shopping cart) and ate at some delicious restaurants.  You even got to stay up past your bedtime most of the week, but still stayed pretty happy.

It's starting to cool off here in Texas (well like below 100!) so we hope to take a lot more walks and park trips this next month- maybe even a trip to the zoo!  Love you sweet boy.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A New Day

 Relish life with the spouse you love
   Each and every day of your precarious life.
   Each day is God's gift. It's all you get in exchange
   For the hard work of staying alive.
   Make the most of each one! 
Ecclesiastes 9 (the message)

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Our Garden

 Chives & Peppers
 My favorite- Lamb's Ear
 Basil & Strawberries
 Green Beans
 Rosemary & Lavender
 Apple Mint & Parsley
Mexican Red Sage, Salvia, Four O'Clock
Black Sweet Potato Vine, Pink Gaura & I can't remember what the blue one is :)

Well I am still learning how to garden in this Texas Heat ... and just gardening in general!
I tried small amounts of the strawberries, green beans and peppers just to see how it went this season.  I got about one of each- haha! but I did learn that the strawberry & pepper plants did the best, so I may try more again next year.  Probably won't do the green beans again.  
Rosemary & Lavender have done the best and have tripled in size since last year!  
The Lamb's Ear and Sweet Potato Vine tolerated the heat well.  The Mexican Red Sage got a little wild and overgrown- not sure what to do about that plant!  I thought the mint had died, but after a good rain it has come back. 
I really enjoy gardening, but I have a LOT to learn.  Our backyard is not the prettiest, but having a few potted plants and my little garden bed helps a little and at least makes me smile when I see something that I planted has not died yet :)  Any gardening tips for me?  What should I do to the perennials this winter?  Oh dear... hope they come back!

Sweet mornings with my boy

 He loves watching the furballs playing outside from the window:

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

It's a Girl- Baby Shower!

We hosted a baby shower on Sunday for our friends in our community group who are expecting a sweet baby girl in October!  With tons of help from {Megan} & Amanda, we decorated and planned the shower- I just hope everyone had as much fun at the shower and we did putting it together :)  Nothing like crafting & decorating with friends! 
 "The Lord has done GREAT things for us and we are filled with JOY."
 Framed Invitation (above)
Each guest left a funny note on a diaper with permanent marker.  
Hopefully it will provide some comic relief during a 2am diaper change :)
Advice Board

We love you Jason & Kristy- Can't wait to meet your precious girl!  She is loved already.

 (They were asked a list of questions and they had to raise the "face" of whoever they thought fit best.  This was taken after being asked: Who do you think will change the most diapers?)

Monday, August 6, 2012

My Favorite Blogs Lately

Arielle Elise: My favorite photography blog.  She is so talented and such an inspiration- not just with her photography, but in her faith, love for her family and calling as a mom.

In This Joyful Life: My sweet friend's Nursery Reveal for her precious twins!  Not only will you love their nursery, but check out her adorable weekly pregnancy updates and her yummy recipes.  Start following now... her next post could be the big announcement!

Grace in Progress: Came across this new little place- look forward to more beautiful posts and photography!

Bob Russell Ministries:  Every post deals with issues relevant to today's culture and church.  He writes with a boldness and conviction that only comes from a life of walking with Jesus Christ. The truth that he shares is straight from Scripture and covered in a grace only One can offer.  I'm so thankful to have been raised in a church under his leadership and biblical preaching.  

The Better Mom: I have been so encouraged by this blog.  This is one of my favorite posts {here} but I love that every post is unique and covers a wide variety of topics from organic food to parenting, faith, budgets, scripture reading...

5th Belle Avenue: I love this sweet blog.  Her little boy is just a little older than JR and she is expecting #2!  Her faith is inspiring and she also shares some delicious recipes :)

Matthew 5:16
In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.

7 months!

The past month has been quite busy!  You have changed so much.  You are starting to babble and show off your personality- so expressive.  And you are active, very active!  You celebrated your first Fourth of July:

A few weeks before you turned 7 months, you started sitting up really well.  By a week before your 7th month, you were sitting without toppling and trying a few random crawl movements.  Then within a few days you were sitting completely by yourself, CRAWLING, and getting back to sitting position!  You still enjoy jumping when you can, but the second we put you on the ground- off you go!

Two teeth have popped out!!  You chew on everything and I knew they were coming... they both came through pretty quick.  During the day, you handled teething pretty well, but when bedtime came it took you longer to fall asleep & sometimes you needed a frozen paci or cold bottle.  You have also bonded even more with Vali... especially when you are in your high chair :)
You are eating all kinds of food by now- turkey, puffs, sweet potatoes...  And you have also learned how to say "no" to foods you don't like.  Your nighttime sleeping patterns have been completely messed up after two vacations, but I'm so thankful you are a flexible boy and do so well when we are out and about.

This past month was very busy.  Your Aunt Sadie came to visit on her off week from CIY.  We had so much fun spending the week with her and doing lots of shopping!  The next week, we went to the NACC in Orlando.  We were so thankful that my Aunt Jill, cousins Rachel and Sarah, Grandma Judy and the rest of my family (minus Sadie) were able to meet us in Orlando!  What a special time with family and getting to see other friends at the NACC.  After a week back home, we headed off again to Florida (Rosemary Beach) with the Garcia side!  You sure loved watching your cousins and having other kids to play with.  Your love for water has continued and we have to be super careful because you love to put your face in the water!  We spent a lot of days at the pool and one morning at the beach.  You loved staring at the waves and putting your toes in the saltwater.
 Happy 7 months big boy!  (July 24)