Monday, August 6, 2012

7 months!

The past month has been quite busy!  You have changed so much.  You are starting to babble and show off your personality- so expressive.  And you are active, very active!  You celebrated your first Fourth of July:

A few weeks before you turned 7 months, you started sitting up really well.  By a week before your 7th month, you were sitting without toppling and trying a few random crawl movements.  Then within a few days you were sitting completely by yourself, CRAWLING, and getting back to sitting position!  You still enjoy jumping when you can, but the second we put you on the ground- off you go!

Two teeth have popped out!!  You chew on everything and I knew they were coming... they both came through pretty quick.  During the day, you handled teething pretty well, but when bedtime came it took you longer to fall asleep & sometimes you needed a frozen paci or cold bottle.  You have also bonded even more with Vali... especially when you are in your high chair :)
You are eating all kinds of food by now- turkey, puffs, sweet potatoes...  And you have also learned how to say "no" to foods you don't like.  Your nighttime sleeping patterns have been completely messed up after two vacations, but I'm so thankful you are a flexible boy and do so well when we are out and about.

This past month was very busy.  Your Aunt Sadie came to visit on her off week from CIY.  We had so much fun spending the week with her and doing lots of shopping!  The next week, we went to the NACC in Orlando.  We were so thankful that my Aunt Jill, cousins Rachel and Sarah, Grandma Judy and the rest of my family (minus Sadie) were able to meet us in Orlando!  What a special time with family and getting to see other friends at the NACC.  After a week back home, we headed off again to Florida (Rosemary Beach) with the Garcia side!  You sure loved watching your cousins and having other kids to play with.  Your love for water has continued and we have to be super careful because you love to put your face in the water!  We spent a lot of days at the pool and one morning at the beach.  You loved staring at the waves and putting your toes in the saltwater.
 Happy 7 months big boy!  (July 24)

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  1. You are really blessed with your cute, happy boy!