Saturday, August 18, 2012

Our Garden

 Chives & Peppers
 My favorite- Lamb's Ear
 Basil & Strawberries
 Green Beans
 Rosemary & Lavender
 Apple Mint & Parsley
Mexican Red Sage, Salvia, Four O'Clock
Black Sweet Potato Vine, Pink Gaura & I can't remember what the blue one is :)

Well I am still learning how to garden in this Texas Heat ... and just gardening in general!
I tried small amounts of the strawberries, green beans and peppers just to see how it went this season.  I got about one of each- haha! but I did learn that the strawberry & pepper plants did the best, so I may try more again next year.  Probably won't do the green beans again.  
Rosemary & Lavender have done the best and have tripled in size since last year!  
The Lamb's Ear and Sweet Potato Vine tolerated the heat well.  The Mexican Red Sage got a little wild and overgrown- not sure what to do about that plant!  I thought the mint had died, but after a good rain it has come back. 
I really enjoy gardening, but I have a LOT to learn.  Our backyard is not the prettiest, but having a few potted plants and my little garden bed helps a little and at least makes me smile when I see something that I planted has not died yet :)  Any gardening tips for me?  What should I do to the perennials this winter?  Oh dear... hope they come back!

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  1. I LOVE IT! You have a green thumb sister! Beautiful!