Thursday, September 27, 2012

Faithful Families Giveaway Winners!

And the winners are...

Sarah Price: Raising Your Kids to Love the Lord
Amanda: Building Family Ties with Faith, Love and Laughter

Congratulations Sarah & Amanda!  Email me your addresses and I will ship the books to you all.  (savgarcia18 [at] gmail [dot] com)  I hope that these books will be a blessing to you both.

I love what Amanda commented: "I believe that 'The key to raising a faithful family' is for parents to first have a strong relationship with Christ. Then they can walk alongside their children and share their faith with them. We need to be serious about wanting to make sure we pass our faith to our kids. We must live out the way God calls us to live as parents, friends etc.. in front of our children and others, every day. As parents, we also need to make sure that we have a good relationship with our kids and make them (family) a priority. We have no excuse not too." 

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