Monday, September 17, 2012

Faithful Families Giveaway!

Happy Monday Friends.  Thought I would start out this week with an awesome GIVEAWAY!!

My dad (Dave Stone) just released a Faithful Families book series offering parents creative ideas, real life stories and scriptural guidance for building families that love God and enjoy being together.

I count it a blessing to have been raised by such godly parents and to have learned from their example, but it is even sweeter to now have their wisdom and stories written down so that I can read from my new perspective as a parent.  Some stories I remember from years ago, but now I see them differently, realizing just how intentional my parents were about bringing scripture into our home and living out their faith.  Now our family is not perfect, but we strive to love Christ more daily AND have a lot of fun together along the way!  I really think you will be blessed by these two books.  If you don't win, I encourage you to pick one up {here} & be on the lookout for book #3 this spring!

This week there will be 2 winners!  Winner 1 will receive:
Raising Your Kids to Love the Lord.  Winner 2 will receive: Building Family Ties with Faith, Love & Laughter.

See winners {here}!!!

There are lots of ways to enter!  If you don't have a blogger account, you can comment as "anonymous" just be sure to leave your email so I can contact you if you win.  
Winners will be announced on September 27th.

One entry for each of the following:  

1: Visit Dave Stone's website {here} and then come back and leave a comment below answering the following question: What do you think is one of the keys to raising a Faithful Family?
2: Follow @TheFaithfulFam or @EverydayPitPat on Twitter, then come back here and leave another comment below telling me you are a follower.
3: "Like" the Faithful Families Facebook Page and then comment on this post letting me know you liked the page.
4: Tweet or Share on Facebook about the Faithful Families giveaway.  Comment here and let me know.
5: I know some of you have already read the book & want to win so you can give it to a friend!  If you have read it, email me and let me know what you thought.  How are you bringing the joy of Christ into your home?  What ideas have you taken from the books and started with your family?  I'll add an extra entry for each person who emails :)  Contact me {here}

“Christian homes don’t just happen; neither do kids who love the Lord,” says author Dave Stone. “In this book, you’ll learn that when godly living is your priority, it becomes more natural for your children to embrace faith—real faith.”

You can read the first chapter of each book for FREE if you go {here} and download them :)


  1. What a great give-a-way to start the week. I would love to get a copy of either of these books. I read the first parts of both and sad I couldn't read more. I went to the website and downloaded those chapters and I believe that 'The key to raising a faithful family' is for parents to first have a strong relationship with Christ. Then they can walk alongside their children and share their faith with them. We need to be serious about wanting to make sure we pass our faith to our kids. We must live out the way God calls us to live as parents, friends etc.. in front of our children and others, every day. As parents, we also need to make sure that we have a good relationship with our kids and make them (family) a priority. We have no excuse not too.
    I already follow @everydaypitpat on Twitter, but I am now also following @thefaithfulfam as well.
    I went to Facebook and 'liked' The Faithful Families page and look forward to reading their posts. I also just posted something on Twitter about your giveaway!!!

    Thanks Savanna

  2. I liked "Faithful Families" on Facebook.

    I also visited your dad's website. I believe the key to raising a faithful family is demonstrating genuine faith in our daily lives.

    This giveaway would be awesome to win!

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  4. So I don't know that it's fair that I comment since I already own a copy of each, but it's our gift to new parents now, so I'd love to win! :) I'm actually rereading them right now! So good! Thanks!

  5. I think one of the keys to raising a faithful family is being in the Word together...memorizing Scripture together, talking about church together, praying together, etc. Sometimes life gets so busy and it can be hard to make all those things a priority, but I think it's so important.

  6. I follow @EverydayPitPat and @FaithfulFam on Twitter!

  7. I "liked" Faithful Families on FB!

  8. I tweeted about the giveaway too! :)

  9. I followed both of you on Twitter, liked the Faithful Families FB page and retweeted about the giveaway! :)

  10. Hi there! I liked the Faithful Families FB page. Thanks!

  11. Hi, I liked the Faithful Families on Facebook :-)