Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy Halloween 2012

JR spent his first Halloween dressed up all day!  He was a cheeseburger during the day and then turned into a little chicken for our Halloween/Chili Cookoff Party that night.  It was so funny to see him walking around the house and playing as a cheeseburger!  Patrick and I were going to be chefs (to go with our little burger) but couldn't find a good costume, so when I came across this chicken jacket I knew we could easily make a farmer outfit :)
I found the chicken jacket at a consignment store (all of their Halloween costumes were $1!!!) and then I picked up some orange tights in the girls section at target because I couldn't find orange pants anywhere.  I also picked up 2 other $1 costumes because they still had their tags on them.  You know I can't pass up a good deal ;) Maybe one day we can use the cute little horse costume to add to our farm!
Don't forget to stop by a few stores or consignments shops this week to get some clearance Halloween items for next year!  It is always a treat to open up new decor the next year that you know was a good deal.  And some things the stores consider "Halloween" can even be used for fall/ Thanksgiving decor too!  It's a great time to plan ahead for next year and save money on some pricey costumes.

Hope you all had a fun & safe Halloween!  We had a party at our house for 2 community groups & neighbors.  There were lots of cute costumes, delicious chili & lots of sweets!  Wish I had taken more photos, but I'll be posting my chili recipe soon.

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