Sunday, November 18, 2012

John Ryman's Christmas Tree

It was so much fun to have John Ryman help us put up his Christmas tree this year!   I loved bringing him home to a festive room on Christmas day 2011, but I'm quite sure he didn't notice the tree in his room :)  (here is the post from last year)  He "helped" by playing with the animal ornaments and exclaiming "wooow" when we turned on the lights.  So adorable to watch him walk around the corner and see the tree a lit up.  He gets this quiet voice, kinda puffs air out of his mouth and repeats "hot" or "wow" while slowly getting closer.  Can't wait to put up our big tree this week!  He is doing really great with this tree and is so proud that he obeys and doesn't touch the tree- he walks around it clapping haha!  I think the rocking chair helps to act as a barrier.  Just waiting on the day when it gets pulled over, so thankfully there is nothing about it that is unsafe or fragile.

That's tree #2 up in our house so far!  Getting ready to decorate the rest of the house this week.
How many trees are up in your home?

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