Thursday, November 1, 2012

Meeting Jack Henry & Hadley in Louisville

I was so excited to meet our dear friends new twins while we were in Louisville!  We have prayed for these babies for a long time and while I loved seeing their pictures... I couldn't wait any longer to hold Jack Henry and Hadley!  And it is always such a joy to spend time with Kathleen. {InThisJoyfulLife}  I love watching her as a mom and she is just so calm and sweet with her babies.  Wish we lived closer because she could teach me so much!
They were already 10 weeks old and absolutely precious!  
Jack Henry:

 (John Ryman found Jack Henry's paci and popped it right in his mouth! )
 Here is half the group:
It was a beautiful fall day!  We were supposed to celebrate Halloween at the Louisville zoo, but when we got there realized it didn't start until the next day & the zoo was only open for one more hour!  So we saved tons of money and decided most of the kids wouldn't know the difference between a park & zoo :)  Patrick's mom & sister met us up there with her sweet 5 kids (more cousin pictures to come) and we all enjoyed time at the park in the leaves and on the playground!

 Hadley was too cute with her bow and sweet little expressions :)

 Love you Kathleen...  Look forward to many more adventures with our kiddos!

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  1. Touched by your beautiful post, savannah. you are such a precious treasure in my life and seeing YOU as a momma, amazes me.... So natural and perfect. John Ryman is incredibly blessed to have you and Patrick. As always, we had an amazing time and we love and miss your precious family of three!