Tuesday, December 4, 2012

10 & 11 Months!

The last two months you have hit some big milestones, John Ryman, and each month probably deserves it's own post!  But we are putting them together since your big first birthday is coming up and I'm already behind on updates.

Just after you turned 9 months, you took your first steps.  One day you took one step and then sat down.  Then the next day we were over at the Miller's house and you were playing with the kids.  All of a sudden, we looked over and you took 5 steps to the girls!  From that night on, you were a walking boy!  We were excited that you started walking before our trip into Louisville because we knew your grandparents would be dying to see those first steps.  By ten months, you were walking everywhere, only crawling to something so you could pull back up and get to walking again.  Now at 11 months, you can stand up without holding on to anything!  You love to pick up something (anything but an actual toy) give us a mischievous grin and start running away as fast as your little legs will go, giggling all the way.  You spend most of your day walking the house in circles with something in your hand.  Sometimes you carry your puppy or jingle bells, or other times you choose one of my shoes or a dog bowl.  I think your favorite place to walk is at church after the last service.  When everyone leaves you get so excited walking the halls or aisles in the sanctuary.

You sure are good at mimicking noises.  You click your tongue, try to whistle, blow bubbles and make funny faces.  You are great at blowing kisses (although it looks like you are doing a backwards punch to your mouth with a "muah" sound!) and will even come up and give us random kisses.  I have even found you sitting on the floor repeatedly kissing your toes and saying "muah"- haha!
John Ryman, you are constantly talking and babbling.  You can say: mama, dada, nana, mimi, banana, baby, baba, wawa, wow and whatever combinations you decide.  You try to repeat "I love you" and it just comes out "laaav".  Baby Sienna was over last week (7 weeks old now!) and you heard us all saying baby, so you walked over to her and said "baby" several times and it was adorable!  You also picked up a baby picture of daddy and brought it to me saying "baby".  It is probably the word that you say the best.   

You still love to dance (shake your head back and forth) when we say that word and of course you love to clap.  You also have started to point.  I think it started when we put the Christmas tree up.  I really wanted you to not touch the tree and learn to do something else instead of instantly grab an ornament, so every time you walked up to the tree we would point and say "wow"!   It's so cute to hear your little voice say "wow".  Now that you know how to point, I have started asking you how old you are and you point your finger.  I know it's a little early, but you'll be ready to go when you are actually ONE!

You now have 4 teeth (bottom 2 and top 2) and it has really helped you with eating food.  You prefer to eat finger foods over pureed baby food simply because you can do it yourself :)  Bananas, avocado, sliced turkey are some of your favorites, although I know you and Vali sure love cheerios too.  She is your best friend when you are eating and you laugh so hard when she catches some food or tickles your toes to check for extra food.  Even after several trims, your hair is just curlier and curlier.  I think pretty soon you might need an official haircut as it just keeps getting longer and wilder!  

You love playing and talking with me, but you sure are daddy's favorite buddy.  Your face lights up the second you hear the front door open and run down the hall clapping!  You can say "daddy" but the other day I think you called him "patch" haha!  I guess that would make sense because that is what I call him a lot.  You laugh so hard with your daddy and he takes such great care of you.  I think the picture above is one of my favorites I have ever taken.

You are growing into such a joyful handsome boy that loves people and loves to entertain.  We love you so much!

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